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45lb Weight Plate Necklace - Fitness Jewelry
45lb Weight Plate Necklace Fitness Jewelry
45lb Weight Plate Charm
Sterling Silver Weight Plate Necklace
Weight Plate Earrings
Our classic 45lb Weight Plate necklace compared to our Large 45lb Weight Plate Necklace
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WeightPlate Necklace Engraved
Century Font Engraved Back
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45lb Weight Plate Necklace on Cable Chain
Ball Chain
Figaro Chain
Satellite Chain

45lb Weight Plate Necklace

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There's no doubt about what ya like doing in the gym with this necklace. 
The 45 lb weight plate necklace is made of solid sterling silver.  Yup, it's all sterling silver from chain to pendant.  The darkened part of the weight plate, the black, is created through man made tarnish.  In other words, it's darkened by an induced tarnish.

This weight plate is the size of a penny (18mm).  If you want a larger version (the one dudes usually like), check out my Large Weight Plate Necklace here.

Itty bitty details: This weight plate is 18mm diameter, the size of a penny. It's about 1.8mm thick.  If you like smaller cutey things, I also have a mini weight plate necklace.  There is an option to engrave a personal message on the back.  I show examples in the photo gallery.

I've also got a cool 25lb weight plate necklace here.

Oh!  Did I mention that all my jewelry is handcrafted in NYC. Not China, but good old USA.

Care instructions for Weight Plate: To keep the black portions intact, do not use dips or immerse in water. Just use polishing cloth to clean tarnish.

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