Sterling Silver Teeny Kettlebell Barbell CrossFit Necklace
Teeny Kettlebell Barbell CrossFit Necklace
Kettlebell (Teeny) and Barbell Necklace
Teeny Kettlebell Barbell Charm Necklace
Kettlebell Barbell Necklace
kettlebell necklace
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Kettlebell (Teeny) and Barbell Necklace

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The solid sterling silver teeny kettlebell barbell necklace is accompanied by a our signature barbell charm. We created a flat charm so it's easy to wear during your workout. Barbell charm dimensions:40mm tall, 1.5" Teeny Kettlebell dimensions: 10mm, 3/8" tall (our other kettlebell barbell necklace has a 3/4" tall kettlebell) The kettlebell barbell necklace is designed and handmade in NYC.