Spring into Fitness 6 Week Challenge
Spring Into Fitness 6 Week Program (Beginner)

Spring Into Fitness 6 Week Program (Beginner)

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This program is for you if:

  • you workout, but never with a plan.

  • you plan to work out, but never do.

  • you have access to a gym or dumbbells at home.

  • you want to gain insight on how to do exercises with good healthy form.

  • you seek to increase your upper and lower body strength while sculpting some muscles.

For the six-week program you will receive the following:

  • A weekly email that contains your 3 workouts for the week.  It will provide sets, repetitions, and suggested weights.  You will receive 6 emails.

  • Each workout will have a link to a 1 minute or less video demonstrating that workout

  • A weekly "pro-tip" on one exercise.  The pro-tip will dive into the 3 common errors people make and how to correct them.

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