Engrave Your Own Pendant
Engrave Your Own Pendant
Example of engraving.  This is on a satellite chain.
Example of engraving.  Also hanging from satellite chain.

Engrave Your Own Pendant

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Engrave your own message on a pendant.  Pendants are made of solid sterling silver.  Does not come with chain.  Select your own chain here: https://ironstrongjewelry.com/collections/chains-1

The charms can fit a decent amount of text.  We've even had a 3 sentence (it will be small) poem engraved for a client.

Pendant measurements:
Teardrop: 1" tall x 1/2" wide. 25mm tall x 14mm wide
Rectangle: 1.25" tall x 3/8" wide. 32mm tall x 11mm wide
Circle: 5/8" diameter.  17mm diameter