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About Me

Lauren's face lit up with joy and surprize as she accomplished her first pull up at age 34.  Being a part of that joy is what inspires me to train women.  That emotion is a benchmark that empowers.  Iron Strong Jewelry's mission is to empower women by celebrating each benchmark.

I'm Tina Tang, a 15 year veteran jewelry designer who took a two year sabbatical as a personal trainer.  What at first felt like a permanent career change has evolved into a knitted path of my two loves: fitness and design.

Iron Strong Jewelry is an evolution of two passions.  From Goldman Sachs equities trader to NYC boutique owning jewelry designer with website, to Equinox personal trainer, I have now combined my seemingly unrelated careers.

When I started my sabbatical, I was also going through a divorce and didn't think I would come back to jewelry design. I had completely lost my passion for it and the desire to design.  The soul has a profound way of bringing you back to what you should be doing.

What was your first piece?
The kettlebell necklace was the first design that started Iron Strong Jewelry.

In my first year as a trainer, I spend 9 months working towards a grueling StrongFirst kettlebell instructor certification which requires 100 snatches with a 16kg (35lbs) kettlebell in 5 minutes to pass.  When I received that certificate, I was so excited and wanted to wear a little kettlebell as a symbol and souvenir of my work and passion.  I couldn't find anything of quality that I liked and suddenly remembered, "Oh! I can make it myself!".  And, that I did.
When I wore that first creation, my training clients and colleagues requested designs for their passions.  Iron Strong Jewelry was conceived.

What's your mission?
I design jewelry that is inspired by the empowerment a woman feels with her fitness.  The pieces are celebrations of your personal achievements. My mission is to create beautiful wearable jewelry that empowers you.   I strive to make pieces that last long in its material and are timeless in its classically modern design.

Where do you make it and what's it made of?
I design in my studio in Jersey City and produce it in the jewelry district of New York City. I believe in making things in America.
I choose to use brass or sterling silver for my designs because they last. I've considered making "cheaper" versions of designs but it is against my principles to make jewelry that will last 3 months or fall apart on you in less than a year.
Sterling silver is my top preference as it has durability as well as monetary worth.  Remember, sterling silver was used for cavities as well as used in old coins due to its durability!  Sterling silver is always worth something even if just for the metal itself.

Some random stuff about me:

Things I love:

  1. Training women to be strong.  My personal training site:
  2. Kettlebells and barbells (naturally)
  3. Big fat chunky cookies.  I eat cookies everyday.

Things I love to do:

  1. Training physical challenges
  2. Zoning out on Ebay looking for clothing bargains
  3. Solo vacations, absolutely solo

I hope my designs speak to something you are passionate about doing.  I welcome all your ideas and thank you for taking the time to browse!
Feel free to contact me at Tina (at) or call 732-242-7650

XO, Tina

P.S. If you want to see what I used to design, check out  The designs are girly whimsical with a dash of sass.