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Teeny Weeny Silver Kettlebell Necklace
Teeny Silver Kettlebell Necklace
Teeny Weeny Silver Kettlebell Necklace
Sterling Silver Teeny Kettlebell Charm
kettlebell necklace
Teeny Weeny Kettlebell Necklace
Health Mag Dec 2016
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Teeny Weeny Silver Kettlebell Necklace

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This small kettlebell necklace is a mini version of our signature kettlebell necklace. This tiny version is 3/8" tall and 1/4" wide. The kettlebell is about the size of a pinkie nail. Hand carved in wax and then then cast into a mold and then created into sterling silver or brass. If you're a lover of kettlebell sport or enjoy lifting iron, this jewelry piece represents a symbol of your athletic passion. Solid sterling silver necklace handmade in USA.

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