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How To Keep The Stink Out Of Your Gym Stuff

By Danielle Abadies, intern at Iron Strong Jewelry After a long workout, you have smelly feet and your sneakers stink! Try a natural deodorizer by Bamboo Air.  It’s made of bamboo charcoal that eliminates odor and removes moisture preventing mildew to form inside your shoes. What’s great about this is that you can also buy one for your gym bag to keep it smelling fresh. Here's one customer's review: "Bought these for my gym shoes, I wanted to keep them fresh and new. I keep my shoes in my bag after the gym, because I usually need to head back to work after . . . Been using these for about a month, 6 days a week and seem to be working well. My gym shoes still look and feel new." -aOneManWolfPack (Amazon Review) Bamboo air available at $9.95 on Don't forget to wash your dirty work out clothes! Here are the best natural products to keep them smelling clean and fresh. Baking Soda Add a cup of baking soda to your load of laundry. Vinegar Pre-soak your clothes in the washing machine with cold water by adding a cup of vinegar to the delicate cycle. Then, wash the load with your usual detergent and warm water. You can also use specialty detergent that is specially designed to clean your workout gear. These two below are the best.   Nathan Sport Wash Detergent 40 oz. $20.56 at "I've been using this stuff for years. A long time ago I had running capris that seemed to get worse smelling with every wear. So I gave in and bought the fancy sports detergent and the smell was gone in one wash! . . . It just gets the grossness out without wearing your clothes down. I started running 10 years ago and after 5 marathons I still have some of the workout clothes from when I started." -Dawn (Amazon Review) Win Sports Detergent 20oz. $10.95 at "Really removed the smell from workout clothes and baseball clothes from myself and my kids . . . This product removes the smell as well as keeps it clean. Unlike GAIN/ALL/TIDE which are made for just cottons. I also have special cotton shirts by Under Armour that this product removed that smell from sweating and now they once again wick the sweat from me. Saved me hundreds of dollars as I used to just throw them away when stink couldn't be removed but now they wash up fresh." -Atomeatball (Amazon Review)    

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