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How Physical Wins Transform the Mind.

Hi there!  It’s been a while since I’ve written to tell you what’s been going on.  Last month, I did something I’ve never dared do – I signed up for a competition that put me up against some serious badass peers in the fitness industry. 

 It was a weird decision because I don’t consider myself an athlete.  I never played high school or college sports.  In fact, in high school I was voted “Most Artistic”.  It’s not that I was physically awkward – I took the usual girl stuff – ballet, ice skating etc.  I simply never did competitive or team sports.

Yet, last month, I said “YES” to competing in the worldwide Tactical Strength Challenge.  On May 4, the competition demanded of each participant,:

  1. Maximum # of pull-ups ( in one attempt)
  2. Maximum deadlift (3 attempts)
  3. Maximum # of kettlebell snatches in 5 minutes (in one attempt)

 Others in the competition had been training for 3 or more months.  I decided a month before to sing up.  

Why the heck did I say "yes"? 

By saying "yes" I would have a focus, a purpose in my workouts for the month.  Normally when I workout, I just wanna get stronger, with no particular purpose in mind but health.  

By saying "yes, I would work on my personal best for those three exercises.  I figure, in the best of worlds, I would hit numbers for those three that I never would have without this directed goal.  

Why do these physical goals matter?

Physical wins change the mind.  Physical wins grease the groove for mental wins.  I needed some wins in my life right now.  I needed to know I could do it.

So what happened?

1. Deadlift: For all the years I've lifted, I have never gotten past 195lbs in my deadlift.  At the competition, I hit 205lbs.

2.  Pull-ups: Before the competition, I had 5-6 good pull ups in me.  At even the best, I've not done more than 8.  With my training, my goal for the challenge was to hit 12.  I did 14!

3. Kettlebell Snatches: I have had a hang-up about kettlebell snatches since my last re-certification.  In my last re-certification 2 years ago, I did not pass my kettlebell snatch test which was to hit 100 in five minutes.  At this competition, I hit 114!

What does this mean for you?

Client after client, I am witness to how physical accomplishments build confidence. If you're a runner, I am sure it's what a half marathon or marathon accomplishes.

Trying for a physical goal will re-wire your mindset to set you up for more wins. With each win, your brain remembers what you did.  Confidence is one of the best consequences of each win.

In the past year, I consciously decided to say "yes" to as many opportunities that fell in my lap, even ones that I had not wanted.   The Tactical Strength Challenge was one of those unexpected, "What, no way I wanna do that" opportunities".
Saying "Yes" is like the butler who opens the door for you to your brand new beautiful home.

A video of the pull up part of the challenge below - yowza.

So what happened?