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Iron Strong's Favorite Booty Workout

"How do I build my booty?"
This IS the most common question I get.

This 50 second video demonstrates my favorite leg (aka Booty) circuit I've been doing the past few months. It's also part of Jill Coleman's #FastPhysique accessory circuit.

4 exercises, 10 reps each, 4 rounds. This will work if you continue to pick a challenging weight.  Challenging = whatever dumbbells you wanted to pick up, go up one heavier from that.

4 rounds of the following:
Walking Lunges: 10 steps per leg, 20 total steps
Single Leg Deadlift: 10 per leg
Split Lunges: 10 per leg
Step Ups: 10 per leg

My training client, Miss Vanisha demonstrates the exercises. Follow her form.
Watch time: 55 seconds

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