How to do a healthy squat

We all know how to squat, right?
When I train, I find that 7 out of 10 times I need to correct the squat so that knees don't get injured over time.  I've found 3 common issues that I will cover in this mini series, How To Do A Healthy Squat.  Each video is less than 1 minute.

Part 1: The Toilet Hover

For the person who is a "Knee Bender" in their squat, this cue often helps.  The knee bender is someone who squats down and their knees go past their toes.  This type of squat puts a lot of strain on the knees.
The "knee bender" should imagine sitting on a public toilet.  Sit back and hover.


Part Two:  The Too High Squat
This video corrects the issue of the "too high squat".  This squat  is simply too high.  You can't pee or poop this high, so how will it help you as you age?  I suggest using a prop to teach how low to drop the squat.

Part 3: Correcting the Knock Knees
The last of the series corrects the "knock knee" squat.  This is when a person's knees cave inwards as the person squats.  This will also put strain on the knees as the person ages.  The best cue to remember for this issue, is to corkscrew the feet as she squats down.

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