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How to deadlift

Practice makes perfect, right?  Even with practice, I need form reminders from an outside eye.  One of my old clients, Claire Anselmo, mentioned that she wanted to deadlift on her own but hesitates in case her form is off.

This 53 second video lists the key tips to remember when you deadlift.

  1. Approach the bar
  2. Look down, bar is across top of shoelaces
  3. Feet are about hip distance apart
  4. Corkscrew feet into ground.
  5. Grab bar just outside of your shins.
  6. Grip bar like you want to break it in half.
  7. Instead of lifting bar, imagine you are pushing yourself away from floor when you pick up the barbell.
  8. Set bar down same form you picked it up.
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