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Favorite Arm Circuit

“What do I do to tone my arms?”
This is a lady question I get often.  And, I like it!  
This video demonstrates my favorite arm circuit that I’ve been doing the past few months.  It’s part of the Jill Coleman​ #FastPhysique circuit that I’ve found extremely effective.  It’s a simple 4 exercises, 10 reps, 4 rounds.  Quick and intense.
What you eat is the most important for "toning", so I'm gonna assume you got that.
This circuit works best if you keep the weight challenging.  That means by the 8-10th repetition the weight is doable but hard.
This particular circuit works both back and arms.  I’ve not done “pushing” exercises in a few months due to a shoulder injury.  Even in that time, doing all these “pulling” exercises have gotten me toned.   We all need pulls anyways, considering our iphone postures and constant sitting in the office.

4 exercises, 10 repetitions each, 4 rounds.  Add this circuit to your workout 2x a week.

1. Seated Rows
2. Bent over rows
3. Lat Pull Downs
4. Dickersons
In the video, I am rowing 85lbs, bent over with 2 14kg, pulling down 85lbs, and pressing 30lbs
Video length: 1 minute

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