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#FastFullBody Fitness Challenge

Welcome to the #FastFullBody Challenge!

#FastFullBody is a FREE fitness consistency challenge that focuses on strength-based workouts to build muscles and kickstart your fitness into fall.

 The goal is to complete 8 workouts between Sept 4 – Sept 18, 2019. 


Dates: Sept 4 - Sept 18, 2019

Goal: Complete 8 workouts in 14 days.

Workouts:  I've designed 4 full body workouts for you to use.  You can do some or repeat all.  You don't have to use the ones I've programmed. 
#FastFullBody workouts are less than 30 minutes and can be done at home or at the gym.  All you need are dumbbells.   Below, I included a couple bonus finishers for an optional spicy completion to a workout.

    Rules of Challenge 

    1. Complete 8 workouts in 14 days.  You don't have to use the ones I created.  Just get in 8 workouts!

    2. In order for your workouts to count in the challenge, you must share a post in our private Facebook group here. The Facebook group page is your training journal.  The share could be a selfie, a gym photo, a picture of your pet watching you - anything where we can cheer you on!

    3. When you share you workout, use #FastFullBody1 to indicate workout 1.  This will help you and I keep track of your workouts 🥰Again, it doesn't have to be one I programmed; any workout counts!
    4. Staying accountable counts!  Everyone who completes 8 workouts will be entered into a raffle for prizes! 🎊

    This challenge is about ACCOUNTABILITY. 

    How to #hashtag your training posts:

    When posting in our facebook group, let me know which day you're on!  It’s exciting.  #FastFullBody1 (for day 1) or #FFB1.  This helps us keep track of all the great progress you're making.


    Fast Full Body Workout:

    Printable version in challenge email.

    #FastFullBody Challenge Workouts
    #FastFullBody Challenge Workouts
    Video Demo of the #FastFullBody Workouts:

    Day 1:

    Day 2:

    Day 3:

    Day 4:

    Bonus: Upper Body Finisher

    BONUS: Lower Body Finisher


    Examples of posts from last challenges:

     #FastFullBody#FastFullBody Facebook Group Posts

    Quick disclaimer:
    These workouts are designed for educational and sharing purposes, and you follow them at your own risk. You are an adult, capable of listening to your body and knowing what it can and can’t handle. I have done my best to prepare you for a safe and e ective workout, but please speak with your physician before starting any tness program, especially if you are at a higher risk for illness and injury. Tina Tang and Iron Strong Fitness assume no risk for your voluntary participation in this program.